tiistai 24. elokuuta 2010

update spree

Now that the pain mysteriously faded
I can write!

This time about relationships!
Have I ranted about this before?
Well actually it consideres relationships, sex and other ppl's opinions + mine.

The common opinion is:

If you sleep around and not have a relationship
fuck that really, seriously and big time.
Why you or I are a whore then, if you like to sleep around?
-Because you do not know the person who you sleep with,
-you met him/her last night,
-and you had sex? Right?
-You do not love him/her? No?
-Why did you sleep together?
-Because you wanted.
That makes a whore?
I always thought that whores, unlucky ladies, prostitues sell themselves! That's what I was told...

Other ppl are afaird to love, because when you love you may loose the feeling
Some just don't go for dating
In my case, I have issues with trust and someone being that close to me (humans will deceive you sooner or later)

It just does not get to me.
Why should one first date some person, who eshe find physically attractive, in order to sleep with?
If she's nice, polite, if they share the same opinions?
Or if she was just there, when one needed her or anyone at the most?

Because everyone are not really searching for the one. She'll pass the way one day.
But before that, ther's a lot to go through.

love, tea and cupcakes
yours truly:

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