torstai 26. elokuuta 2010

The point of it all

I feel, like running from it all
maybe it is the autumn?
maybe I'm just -once again- making me repeat myself, the known pattern of my acting, of my mind
maybe this situation is too scary?
maybe I just want something else to think about?
or somebody else
maybe I'm just insane.

Now what I need to feel the fact that I am alive, and that is the most fun stuff ever?
What I need to take, and how big doze?
How I need to take it?
Maybe the medication is needed afterall?
A glass of champange accompanies the medication

The brightest light also withholds the greatest shadow, for that I am sure

Maybe I am almost human afterall?

But I tell you, and make a note of this:
Never fuck with a songwriter

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